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        What is a “LED” and how does this help reduce power consumption?
        “LED” (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor that allows current flow in only one direction.  The internal filament produces light, and this is then amplified by a layer of glass which then intensifies the light emission and converts this into a beam of light.  The light beam produced by LED lighting is uniformly spread into the environment.
        But why are LED lights considered an energy efficiency technique?
        A semiconductor has the distinction of not consuming as much electrical power when compared to other lighting methods.  The LED light achieves the same lighting effects as a 40 Watt light bulb, while only consuming 6 Watts of electricity.  Power consumption decreases by more than 70% when compared to standard light bulbs.  When compared to a cold light bulb which consumes 24 Watts, the LED light saves more than 50% and consumes only 6 Watts.  It has been found conclusively that LED lights do promote energy efficiency, and contribute to the sustainability of the planet.  It is estimated that from October this year, all work and projects will be implementing LED lighting.  Those private companies wishing to commence with their projects must comply with these guidelines.  The Costa Rican government will instruct all private companies on which brands and models of LED lighting are considered acceptable in their projects.
        LED lighting and energy strategy
        This strategy is being implemented not only in Costa Rica, but it has become a global trend to reduce power consumption in more than mere wattage.  This trend will also help to preserve all natural resources, and maximize the use of energy efficient technologies.
        Is this electrical energy strategy costly?
        At first glance, the cost of implementing this new technology may appear high when considering that LED lighting can cost 80% more than a cold light bulb and more than 200% greater than a conventional light bulb.  But the benefits gained from usage of the LED bulbs are much higher than their counterparts.  This investment translates into savings in the long term.
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