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        Pendant LED luminaire Project

        Time:2019-07-10source:www.advantine-tech.comBrowsing times:

        KW-SH 150W LED Pendant Cylinder downlight for high ceiling space illumination.Installation through the top, with easy access to install components. Luminaire  manufactured in iron housing and aluminium alloy heat sink.Housing epoxy/polyester powder coated paint finish in Black color,white color as standard. Other color can be customized.


        The 150W Pendant LED Downlight application in the Railway station which install  height 13m height ,the average illumination is 165lux,meet the China latest standard of illumination of the Ministry of Railways hall lighting .




        Following is the specification of 150W LED Downlight luminaire for Henan railway station.




        LED Chips :48PCS CREE high power 5 watt led chips

        LED Driver:Meanwell ELG

        Input Voltage:AC100V-277V 50/60Hz

        Power Factor:>0.95

        Beam Angle:90 degree

        Lumen:14250lm (CCT:4900K)


        Installation:Pendant+1m safe rope



        Housing Color:White

        SH150W downlight.jpg


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