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        Downlight updates

        Time:2019-07-05source:www.advantine-tech.comBrowsing times:

        KW-SD model led downlight is one of hot sales item of Great Light ,recessed mounting with the help of 3 nos. spring loaded clamps in false ceiling. Install light with no flickering and no glaring.Cutout size can supply with 5 inch(140-145mm cutout) ,6 inch(170-180mm cutout),8 inch(200-215mm cutout),10inch(230-250mm cutout),14inch (300-320mm cutout).

        8 inch led downlight have updated for supply better products to clients.

        led downlight 80W.jpg

        Transparent diffuser and frosted diffuser are available.

        8in. downlight 30W.jpg

        8 inch led downlight 54W.jpg

        More info. about KW-SD high power led downlight ,pls contact our sales engineer. E-mail.: carol@kmyled.com. Thank you.

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